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Thank you for choosing Nail’d by Londyn Studios! Please carefully read our booking notes for the best booking and service experience. ​Want Acrylic? Try an Aprés Gel X or PolyGel Service. Highly recommended! REBALANCE SERVICES: Rebalance Services are recommended every 2-4 weeks. IF IT HAS BEEN 5 OR MORE WEEKS SINCE YOUR LAST FULLSET, OVERLAY OR REBALANCE SERVICE PLEASE BE SURE TO BOOK A FULLSET OR AN OVERLAY (whichever service initially received) AND NOT A REBALANCE SERVICE. Select your Fullset or Overlay with art as well if preferred.  Please note that Rebalances that require 3 or more repairs will be considered and serviced as a Fullset. ​ APRÉS GEL X: If you previously received an APRÉS GEL X SET book an POLYGEL REBALANCE as your follow up service. ​ NAIL ART: SIMPLE ART: two to four nails consisting of abstract art, dotting, lines, color blocks, foil, etc. INTRICATE ART: five to ten nails consisting of abstract art, crystals, detailed objects, characters, airbrush, etc. Nail art prices are subject to increase depending upon detail. If you have a specific detailed design you would like please send it to us via email or text. ​​ ADD-ONS: Please note a Cut Down is $5 & a Shape Change is $10. There is no need to book these add-ones since they can be requested during your service. Gel polish and is included with all serviced except classic manicures and classic pedicures. ​ REPAIRS: Be sure to notify us before your appointment if you need more than two repairs. ​ REMOVAL PRIOR TO SERVICES: If there is a need for Acrylic or LED Gel to be removed please request for an Enhancement Removal service to be added to your booked appointment via text or email. ​ LATE SERVICE MODIFICATIONS:  If you decide to get less of a service than originally booked you are still required to pay the original remaining balance if you do not request to adjust the service(s) at least 48-hours before your scheduled appointment. ​ Please contact us with any questions, concerns or requests.  We look forward to servicing you!

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